Monday, August 24, 2015

Adapting a Lee Enfield Parker Hale stock to a martini henry

I tried to find a stock for my Martini Henry rifle but the prices were more than i was willing to pay
so i decided to try to Adapt a Lee Enfield Parker Hale stock to my martini henry there still lots around
and the price's are still quite low I don't know if it will work or not but i will try.

The stocks a bit wider than the martini frame so i will have to trim it

 The Parker Hale stock above has a bump that would need to be removed for the lever to close properly.

 The barrel I'm using is a 26" A.G.Parker .303 barrel that's been converted to a .22 the barrel drops right in the front hand guard but it will need to be cut off where the old lee enfield action used to be.The martini and the lee Enfield both use a 1"x14tpi thread so the .303 Lee Enfield barrels will fit the martini actions with only minor modification.

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