Tuesday, December 14, 2010

my antique guns

Belgian made Fake Smith & Wesson .450 caliber
 my collection of antique guns
   De Aretio Vitoria  Spanish double-barreled pin fire pocket pistol ca. 1860

Belgian-made Double-Barrel Pistol,  .40 caliber Percussion. One shot per barrel. Unknown manufacture date but believed between 1850 and 1870. Pistol has the Belgian proof-mark ELG (in an oval) on the left side of pistol. Walnut grips.
I was told this gun was recently found sealed up in the wall of a home in Germany that was being renovated.
at the end of the war Germans hid the "contraband" firearms to avoid being arrested by the Allied soldiers while searching there houses. 

These are my bacon co. revolvers top is a .31 cap and ball revolver below that is a 38 rimfire revolver 3rd one down is a 6 shot 32 rimfire pocket pistol and at the bottom is a single shot 32 rimfire.

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