Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1851 colt revolver

This is my original 1851 colt black powder pistol in .38 calibre the timing was off when i got the gun,meaning the cylinder did not line up with the barrel.
Usually it means the hand below is worn the top one was the original and the one on the bottom  is from a
modern Italian made gun i had to grind off the small raised area near the bottom where the hand attaches to the hammer.

                                       1851 antique colt and Italian made interchangeable parts?
Most of the Italian made uberti small parts of the guns will interchange with the antique guns some with minor modifications some will just drop in.except for the screws they are metric

Someone nickle plated this gun so it lost most of it's collector value i want to fix it up and use it as a occasional shooter according to the serial number this one was made in 1856.

The cylinder on the colt was also worn so i adapted one from a Italian made uberti revolver i was told it would just drop in but i found that it was about 1/8 inch too long.(i believe part of it was due to the ratchet teeth being longer than the original colt ones)so i trimmed it down on my lathe i could have draw filed it but it took only a minute to do on the lathe. i also found that i had to trim down the hand because it was now too long because the ratchet teeth on the rear of the cylinder were not in the same location as the original cylinder.
i could also have filed down the ratchet teeth but i didn't want to take the chance of ruining the timing on the

                                Here it is installed but still to be polished with emery cloth and blued

       Swapping Uberti barrels can involve fitting the arbor to the barrel sometimes.  Often the outside contour dimensions will differ at the bottom of the barrel lug at the frame not that it really matters except for looks.

 Pietta revolver parts have different dimensions than the original colt revolvers so should not be used.                                                                                                                                                         

I was able to get out today and try it out i had a couple of misfires but it seemed to be the caps i was using
when i switched to some Remington ones i had it worked a lot better. but now it looks like i need to tighten up my loading lever.


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